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    WINGUARD – is qualitative PVC film for window sills, production Kibbutz Haogen (Israel). General importer of WINGUARD PVC film in Ukraine, SPV Company Ltd. offers this qualitative polyvinylchloride coating in matte and glossy white color, with or without embossing. 
    WINGUARD PVC film differs with its high strength. It is suitable for outdoor use, characterized by excellent quality, reliability and environmental safety, so it is an excellent material for lamination of sills, sandwich panels and other surfaces. 

    Kibbutz Haogen company - is one of the world leaders in the development and production of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films for lamination of various building elements. In its manufacturing, it uses modern equipment that allows manufacturing the complex multilayer PVC films in a wide range of. The products have been certified by numerous quality standards, including ISO 9001 (2000), Din, SKZ, etc.
    WINGUARD PVC WHITE technical specifications:

    Products group
    PVC film

    High quality decorative film for veneering the window sills made ​​from plastic and wood materials

    Rigid white PVC film with or without embossing.
    Features - protects against mechanical damage and fractures, high UV and chemical resistance. Raw materials used for the production is free from formaldehydes and heavy metals


    Rigid PVC film

    Roll width
    Made to order < 1660mm

    Roll length Made to order

    Thickness DIN 53353
    0,20 ± 0,02 mm

    Light-resistance and UV resistance ASTM G 53
    YI (yellowness index) after 1000 hours of exposure with UV rays - max. 3

    Scratch resistance
    Erixon 435 - min. 100 cN.

    60° measurement angle
    7-13 scale units


    Gloss retention
    60° measurement angle
    Max. change in the two scale units. 80 C - 10 min.; 65 C - 24 hours

    Embossing retention
    Embossing without changes 80 С - 10 min.; 65 С - 24 hours

    Specific elongation at fracture, along and across
    100mm/minDIN 53377
     < 150%

    Tensile strength along and across
     > 300 kg/см

    Impact resistance ASTM-D 5420-93
     > 4 J/mm

    Shrinkage DIN 53377
     < 2,5 60°С 10 min.

    Chemical Resistance
    Resistant to non-abrasive cleaning agents used in home conditions, such as ammonia water, aliphatic gasoline, weak aqueous solutions of alcohol, water and also detergents with the main substance content of 12%

    Recommendations for care
    Recommended appropriate care using detergents, except abrasive and concentrated. There is no need in other kinds of maintenance

    Whatever strength may have films for sills lamination, they all require additional protection for successful transportation and storage. SPV Company Ltd. offers revolutionary WINGUARD PVC film, which has a protective coating. Technology of WINGUARD PVC film production is unique and patented by Kibbutz Naogen. The essence of the unique technology is in the fact, that the protective film is applied without glueline, glue is located in the capillaries of polyethylene. Thus, the lamination with WINGUARD PVC film happens from the one roll. This technology greatly simplifies the logistics: there is no need to order separately sheeting, to deliver, store and to complicate the process of lamination. Polyethylene layer on the WINGUARD PVC film does not form bubbles and wrinkles. 
    The unique technology extends the range of design possibilities with WINGUARD PVC film. You can order WINGUARD PVC film, the protective coating of which will be decorated with your logo. Thanks to the uniform coating, the windowsills, laminated with WINGUARD PVC film, acquire perfect marketable condition. 
    Rigid WINGUARD PVC film for windowsills is particularly resistant to scratches and tears thanks to a dense structure. At the same time, the raw material from which WINGUARD PVC film is produced does not contain formaldehyde and heavy metals. Thus, treated with WINGUARD PVC film sills can be safely used in children's rooms, in schools and kindergartens. 
    WINGUARD PVC film decorates safely.
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