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    Construction security - a pledge of a stable functioning

    Construction security - is the foundation of a stable and reliable operation of a premise or private facility or building. That is why the issue of safety should always be in the priority. This section will help you solve this problem, because there is a wide range of security products from the leading foreign manufacturers that have gained the reputation on the world market.

    We offer production based on trends in the development of new technologies and always keep abreast of innovations. This production will solve not only local problems with doors locking, but also complex issues of security and access control for corporate and private facilities. With our help you will be able to equip a house, an apartment, an office, or a hotel complex with quality production of security.

    We offer:

    Lock cylinders, which provide highly confidential locking as of the private property, so of any public or industrial building.
    Mechanical locks, which are a key element of any door locking: entrance, profile, interior, fire.
    Protective and interior fittings, which will provide the stubborn properties for door and will profitably emphasize the design, both on the entrance and interior doors.
    Door closers, which are a must-door for hotels, shops, offices, industrial premises, workshops and warehouses, because they not only run the doors closing and protect locks the door constructions from damage, but also serve as heat preservation and fire protection, are the main element of the access control system. 
    Access Control Systems (ACS) will provide the convenience and flexibility of functioning of any premises, because ACS allow you to organize access privileges as on the commercial facilities as well as on private houses.
    Entrance doors, which will safely protect the object: there is a wide selection of metal, anti-terrorism and anti-fire doors.
    Locks for commercial vehicles, which will protect and safely preserve the goods in the cargo compartments of vehicles or containers.
    Proposals for the hotel include a full range of products for equipment of hotels, designed to ensure the comfort of guests' stay, as well as the organization of access control systems and security. We offer products from the world's leading brands of hospitality: mini-bars, card locks, electromechanical and electromagnetic locks, door closers, Master Key mechanical systems of access control, keys control systems, anti-panic systems etc.

    All mentioned production is available anywhere in Ukraine, supported by a full service, warranty and installation!

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