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About us

SPV Company Ltd. was founded in 1994 in Kyiv. With many years of experience and conscientious work, the company is recognized as the leader in security industry, not only in Ukraine, but also among specialists in the world.

Our specialization – is import and implementation of products and technologies from international manufacturers in the field of safe locking. Rapidly is now developing new direction of SPV Company Ltd. - import of products for design and decor.

SPV Design and Decor

SPV Company Ltd. - General importer of advanced security technologies and decor!

Our goal – is to build Ukraine safe, beautiful and clean. We care for ordering, installing and bringing to the final consumer a qualitative product only.

Imported by us products gets to the end Ukrainian user as part of the most technologically advanced products from Ukrainian producer: while construction of new facilities and through the installations from professional Locksmiths at the facilities already put into operation.

SPV Technology

SPV Company Ltd. since 2002 is a member of Ukrainian Locksmith Federation (ULF) - it is an association of professionals in the field of secure locking, access control and managing systems, and since 2010 - a member of the ELF (European Locksmith Federation).

We ensure technical support and warranty fulfillment from manufacturers of imported products in Ukraine.

We provide also warranty service on the products in 25 largest cities in Ukraine through an extensive network of service centers.

Products from the stock program is always present in our warehouse. Fast delivery of individual orders from suppliers.

SPV Company Ltd. accumulates knowledge of the security industry from around the world. We strive to share the acquired knowledge with Ukrainian specialists - provide trainings in our own training center in Kyiv and on-line through webinars system.


Our motto is – we build Ukraine safe!

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