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    Car protection against theft

    You made an important purchase – became the car owner, now it’s worth thinking about the safety of your new purchase. Why is anti-theft protection so important? A car – is a serious and expensive buying, and the early car owners often leave it in the yard, ignoring the basic means of protection. It should be remembered that for the thieves a car is of interest not only as a whole machine, but also as a source of spare parts. There is a whole market of stolen parts on the popular cars brands.

    What do you need to know first? 

    "Non-theft" cars do not exist, but that is not a reason to neglect security. You can do everything possible to complicate the process of burglary and theft of your car. After all, an ordinary thief will encroach on the car without any protection, than to spend time on the protected machine. We must remember that the installed in the car audio alarm does not guarantee protection, because the main function of "tweeters" – is to inform the owner about the attempts of breaking-in in the car’s saloon.

    Modern means of anti-theft security for your car 

    SPV Company Ltd., as a recognized professional in the field of security and a company with 20 years of experience in the market of anti-theft systems, offers complete solutions to protect your car. We recommend protecting cars with reliable mechanical locks, which rightly occupy leading positions among anti-theft systems, with the additional use of electronic devices that block the electric circuits. 

    We offer four solutions for security of your vehicle: 

    Box shifting (gearbox) lock + immobilizer; 
    Electromechanical gearbox lock + immobilizer; 
    A lock, which simultaneously locks the gearbox and the hood + immobilizer; 
    Hood lock + immobilizer.

    The first solution 

    The gearbox lock - is a classic mechanical anti-theft lock, which has the time-tested reliability. Massive mechanical construction of the gearbox lock is installed on the regular places of mounting with the help of picking screws, securely locks the gearbox switch selector, and is completely hidden under the console. Opening and closing the lock is performed by turning the key. It is almost impossible to neutralize such a lock, because the device is difficult to reach and you have an immediate impact on it. 

    The second solution 

    The electromechanical gearbox lock – is a combination of mechanical reliability of the blocking element with the innovative electronic technologies. The main advantage of this lock is that the device eliminates the influence of the "human" factor. If the owner of the car may forget to lock his or her gearbox, the electromechanical lock does not need a direct effect of the key – the system is controlled by the motor of the car and blocks the gearbox without any human intervention. This is very important, because the statistics of thefts shows that most burglaries occur during the short stops, when the owner of the car leaves it for "five minutes" to go to the store to buy something, or at a kiosk. The unlocking of the device is performed by using a contactless chip.

    The third solution 

    A lock, which simultaneously locks the gearbox and the hood + immobilizer – this decision is related to the comprehensive protection systems. The comprehensive protection simultaneously solves three main tasks: 1) protects the vehicle against theft, by blocking the gearbox; 2) prevents the access to the hood space, and thereby protects the most important part of a car - the central processor; 3) prevents the opportunity of dismantling the car and stealing items. 

    The car immobilizer will complement the duet of the gearbox and hood lock. The principle of operation of this electronic device is to block the main circuits and car systems: fuel shutoff, engine power supply outage, creating the obstacles in the gearbox, etc. It should be noted that operational immobilizers are incoming in the standard car complement and is installed at the factory of the manufacturer. Therefore, if an attacker learns to bypass the regular immobilizer on the one car, he can get around others also. In its turn, the non-standard immobilizers are installed by car owners on their own, they work on different schemes, so the workarounds for each of them are different.

    The fourth solution 

    Hood lock easy access to the engine compartment. Why close the hood? First of all, it protects the main parts of the car, which are in the engine compartment, in particular the control package of the auto, and, secondly, the dismantling of the car parts is excluded. Besides, if the hood is securely protected, thieves will not be able to make the duplicate keys in the hacker way. Some skeptical car owners believe that cars with manual gearbox, which are blocked by the gearbox lock in the "reverse" site - are still unprotected. For owners of these machines a solution with the simultaneous use of the hood lock and immobilizer will suit. Also, this solution will be useful for those who want to equip the machine with the optional hood lock, or if the previous three anti-theft solutions are not acceptable. 


    For the better protection of the vehicle all available anti-theft security systems should be applied: both mechanical and electronic ones. Any your elected immobilizer must be installed by a professional. Do not risk, because the 50% of device work reliability depends on its correct installation and qualification of the personnel who will carry out this work.

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