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  • 27.01.2014

    Facts and myths about PVC foil

    Facts and myths about PVC foil
    Marc Rapaport – an export and marketing manager of PVC foils WINSHIELD®, WINGUARD® and VINORIT® from Kibbutz Haogen (Israel), was responding the questions from participants of the XV International specialized exhibition PRIMUS: Windows. Doors. Profiles (Kyiv, 21-23 January 2014) on the stand of SPV Company Ltd.
    - What stimulates Kibbutz Haogen factory to create new colors and textures of the PVC foils?
    - New products and characteristics are competitive advantages that attract buyers. To lead the market, it is needed to give him pushes by ourselves, to create trend. On the other hand, is quite risky, because we invest a lot of money and efforts in new designs, but it isn’t the fact that they will become popular.

    - How importers affect the manufacturer? Do they act the engine of progress in expanding WINSHIELD® and VINORIT® palette?
    - With each importer differently. SPV Company Ltd. - is not only our bridge to the consumer, but also the inspirer. Ukrainian general importer understands well the mentality and inquiries of the local manufacturers of windows, doors, furniture, sandwich panels, as well as explores the tastes and needs of the end customer. Moreover, our Ukrainian partner is always on a step ahead of the demand: in SPV Company Ltd. works a designer, who monitors global trends, Ukrainian tastes - and as a result encourages us to create new colors and textures of PVC foils.
    - Which countries have the largest markets of PVC foils from Kibbutz Haogen?
    - Ukraine can be boldly called a powerful partner. The largest buyers of PVC foils WINSHIELD®, WINGUARD® and VINORIT® - this is Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey, even China and the United States.
    - But these countries have national manufacturers and their products are of high quality. How do you explain that Israel PVC foils are also popular?
    - It is dangerous to be limited just with one supplier. Market requires the competition of qualities, prices, service. When manufacturers compete with each other, they appreciate the dealer, offer flexible terms of delivery and are interested to follow the standards of quality.

    - By the way, how Kibbutz Haogen monitors the quality of its products? What are the internal procedures and how the accordance with international standards is confirmed?
    - Kibbutz Haogen is more than 60 years in the industry, we have a great history of quality control. At the factory in Haogen kibbutz special computer checks the accuracy of color rendition. In our laboratory, the mechanical properties are determined (rigidity to stretching, tearing, burning, thermal effects, etc.). Another device monitors the purity of PVC foil, indicates the places of pollution, blotches or bumps that are clipped while rolls packing. Last internal instance - is a visual inspection of each roll. Our products meet the most stringent international standards ISO, as well as the German RAL standard. Samples WINSHIELD®, WINGUARD® and VINORIT® are checked by an independent German SKZ laboratory. There different physical properties of PVC foils are set: fire resistance, resistance to salt air and water, etc. Samples of PVC foils are grown old rapidly to see the color changes after 5 and 10 years. In addition, the RAL committee examines the window, laminated with our PVC foil 5 years ago and says, whether time and maintenance influence the exterior.
    - In Ukraine eco-colors WINSHIELD®, that mimic natural wood: MORAN, NUSSBAUM, DARK OAK, BLACK CHERRY are the most popular now. And what is in vogue in Western Europe?
    - Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg are ordering natural wood color less and less, plain designs become trendy. If it is WINSHIELD® PVC foil for windows and sandwich panels, the Western Europe now prefer CREAM WHITE color. In England the most popular is WINSHIELD® BLACK CHERRY. As for VINORIT® PVC foil for door and furniture facades, it all depends on the sphere of application. VINORIT® palette can decorate both the interiors and exteriors in almost any style.

    - And what window designs are preferred on the homeland of WINSHIELD®, WINGUARD® and VINORIT®?
    - WINSHIELD® in Israel is not widely used, because windows are mainly made not of profile, but of aluminum. PVC windows are not much popular because of the stereotype: Israel is a warm country, so we don’t require thermal insulation properties of PVC. But Israel spends a lot of resources for premises cooling! And PVC foil VINORIT® for indoor and outdoor use is very popular in my country for decorating doors. In particular, VINORIT® is supplied to the world famous doors manufacturer, RB-DOORS, earlier sold under the MUL-T-LOCK brand.
    - But in Ukraine the amount of PVC windows is increasing. However, about polyvinylchloride, including PVC films, there is an estimation that they are harmful to health. Is that truth or myth?
    - This is an old story. Before PVC foils emitted harmful substances during the fire. But WINSHIELD®, WINGUARD® and VINORIT® do not burn! If the product is properly laminated with PVC foil, then the better option for modern life could not be found.
    Производитель поливинилхлоридных пленок для ламинирования дверей, окон, подоконников и алюминиевого профиля
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