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    Door fittings are an integral part of any room interior. Depending on the type of doors, on which they are mounted, door fittings can fulfill protective or decorative functions, or combine as protection, so the decoration. Door fittings include door handles, door butts, stops, etc.
    An important component of the protective properties of the entrance door, ergonomics and design is fittings. For maximum security, you should always use a high quality fittings sets with protective protector of the cylinder.
    They are used to protect the cylinders of additional locks, as well as main locks if they are fitted with separate handles from other manufacturers.
    Fire fittings are made for installation on the fire and steel entrance doors. They are used together with fire locks.

    Such products should be chosen with the same responsibility the choice of the door: because door fittings condition can as organically complement the interior space, so make an obvious imbalance. In addition to unique design solutions, harmonious combination with the color scheme of the room and the doors, door fittings must also meet a number of criteria. Door furniture should be comfortable. Because you will daily (and repeatedly) contact with these items. Therefore, door fittings (especially handles) should a have pleasant surface. In other words, to be ergonomic.
    Door furniture should be resistant to mechanical damage, wear and atmospheric factors. It is important that door fittings meet these criteria in areas with high level of passability.
    Door handles are an indispensable element of any entrance or interior doors. And if without some other details though difficult, but possible to avoid, this type of door fittings is a priority need. Door handles can be and stationary ones. Push door handles connected with the door lock: they manage the lever latchbolt, owing to which the door opens. Stationary handles aren’t connected with the door lock and are mounted on the door surface. Their mission is to ensure the opening of doors by pushing or pulling the door in the appropriate direction.
    Traditionally, door handles are made from brass, bronze, aluminum, silumin (an alloy of aluminum and silicium) and Zamak (an alloy of zinc with aluminum and copper), original and stainless steel. The most comfortable for our skin material (nice touch) is brass - acknowledged by experts. Exactly this property plus high plasticity and reasonable price contributed to the fact that the brass has become the most popular material.
    To make door fittings work long and reliable, you need to follow some tips about care and operating conditions of products. Door handles should be cleaned with a clean, dry, soft cloth. If the door handles have unclean surface, a diluted in water cleaner should be used. A cleaner is rinsed with water, and then the clean surface is immediately wiped dry. You should avoid using large amounts of water. Door handles must not be cleaned with abrasive products, as well as with products containing acetone. Door handles must not be overloaded by hanging outdoor clothing and heavy bags on them.
    To make sure that on your doors - entrance or interior ones - are really suitable handles, you should make a choice in the truest sense using your own hands. Not to order the products of dubious quality using Internet, but to go to the professional Locksmith centers where all door fittings is qualitative - you only need to choose the design, material, color and a product with the corresponding price category. In such centers products are presented in special demonstration stands where you can successfully test the door handles in use.
    Door fittings are a sign of your taste and individuality. Choosing a product, remember that they should be as a decoration of the house, so also its protection and a constant source of your good mood!
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