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    Protection and safe storage of production in the cargo compartments of vehicles, containers is a topical question for many types of businesses. To be able to monitor and protect cargo transportation, the world's leading companies offer production of mechanical and electromechanical locking. Decisions, embodied in the proposed locking systems, are able to meet the security requirements of any commercial cargo, and additional options will provide convenience and comfort in the use of such protection.
    Замки для коммерческих автомобилей
    Mechanical locks for cargo compartments of commercial vehicles and containers are convenient to use and reliably ensure the safety of cargo during transportation.
    Intelligent integration of Mul-T-Lock® security with a Starcom Systems system of tracking and real-time alerts.
    Замки для коммерческих автомобилей
    Unique universal KNOCK N'LOCK lock for sliding side and back wing doors of all cars, vans and trailers. The use of the KNOCK N'LOCK lock provides the highest level of protection and ease of use.



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