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    Door closer is a low observable, but a very important element in doors. And if in a private house or apartment door closers can be found rarely, in the premises of companies, institutions and organizations of different forms of ownership a door closer is a familiar element in doors.

    Door closers
    Standard surface-mounted door closers of the fixed class of power.
    Door closers
    Ryobi Abloy
    Closers with the regulation of power class in a wide diapason, with the possibility mount on the most existing doors.
    Door closers
    Ryobi Abloy
    Closers with the increased reliability for use on the difficult doors in harsh operating conditions.
    Door closers
    Hidden door closers almost do not affect the aesthetic appearance of the door. Are completed only with a sliding arm. Designed for use in conditions with limited space installation.
    Door closers
    Floor closers provide a comfortable opening and closing of the shuttle-type doors. A hidden installation and designed appearance.
    door closers

    Particularly important role door closers play in the premises of the company, factory and on the fire escape. In such cases, the door closer is established not at the request of employees, but at the request of the relevant legal acts (including local ones) in order to ensure safety.
    Door closers operate such important roles, as: the doors closure managing, door locks and door structures protection from damage. Door closers also do the functions of heat conservation and fire protection. Door closer is an integral part of almost any access control system. Door closers are in the different classes of power, so they can be used on different doors - from ultra-light interior to heavy industrial doors weighing up to 180 kg.
    When choosing door closers it is necessary to pay attention to the correspondence of the product to the current standards. According to EN 1154 standard, door closers must work regularly for 500,000 cycles. Door closers allow you to continue the correct operation of the entrance doors and keep warm in winter and cool in summer.
    Door closers usually operate on such principle: to open the door, a person must make an effort. This force is mechanically transmitted to the closer and is accumulated by the compression of the spring, which is inside the closer’s body and which, returning to the starting position, allows to make the adjustment process of door closure possible. The regulation by itself is performed by adjusting the speed of the oil overflow in special channels.
    By the methods of mounting door closers are classified as follows:
    - A door closer, mounted on the surface of the door or on the door-frame, is a surface-mounted door closer.
    - A door closer, mounted inside the door leaf or frame is an integrated (concealed) door closer.
    - Door closers, mounted in the floor are, respectively, concealed in the floor door closers.
    Methods of mounting:
    Door closers
    Door closers Door closers Door closers Door closers
    Standard arm
    Standard arm mounting on the frame
    Parallel arm
    Sliding arm
    Sliding arm mounting on the frame
    door closers
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    Surface mounted door closers can be installed with different arms:
    - Standard arm - the most common type of the arm. Such arm is perpendicular to the door leaf when the door is closed
    - Parallel arm - is the modified version of the standard arm. When the door is closed, the arm is parallel to the door leaf. The door is more aesthetic because the arm is less visible
    - Sliding (or track rail) arm. The most aesthetic option. Such arm is almost invisible when the door is closed.
    Mounting options of the mortise door closers:
    door closers 
             Standard mounting                                                 Door closer on the frame
    door closers
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    Depending on the door characteristics, a door closer needs to be chosen with corresponding power size. The power size defines, on doors of which width and weight it can be installed, so the door and the door closer will function correctly and a door closer isn't overloaded, which can be the reason of premature fault. The wider and heavier the door is, the higher power size door closer need to be used. The power sizes of the door closers are defined in accordance with the European standard EN 1154, which defines the requirements the door closers have to confirm. We suggest always to chose the door closer which is certified in according to EN 1154 and is CE marked.
    In special cases, two door closers can be installed at the same time, which increases the effort by about 30%.
    Door closers are mounted as on the entrance, so on the interior doors. Door closers can have various options of colors and treatments, thanks to which they perfectly suit the front door and are inconspicuous in the interior space.

    Nowadays door closers have become an integral part of a comfortable home and office.
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