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    Lock is the main element of the closure of any door. Door locks should be selected by their functional purpose. Main groups are the main and additional locks for doors, special locks for fire doors, locks for profile doors and locks for interior doors.
    Locks are designed for reliable locking of payment terminals, slot machines, vending machines, ATMs, furniture, cabinets in industrial and office premises, depositories, glass show-cases, mailboxes, medical cabinets for medicine and equipment, and others.
    Locks for main locking of the entrance doors. They fix the door’s perimeter in several points. There are four-way and three-way closing locks. Four-directional lock fixes the door at four sides, and the crossbars of three-directional lock - in addition to the main locking direction, are also directed upwards and downwards.
    Locks for main locking of the entrance doors. Can be mounted both in metal and wood doors. To create an adequate level of safety should be used together with the qualitative safety fittings and armor plates.
    Locks for main closing. Designed for doors that do not have a holistic cloth, and are made of the profile: locks for doors made of aluminum or reinforced-plastic profile. A wide selection of sizes for profile doors locks to fit them in any profile.
    Locks for use on the fire-proof doors. Provide reliable blocking of the fire-proof door at a certain time in case of fire to prevent its further spread. All products, that are designed for fire doors, has a certificate and is made of steel.
    SANTOS MUL-T-LOCK ABLOY CHUBB Additional mortice locks
    Locks for additional locking of the doors. Used in conjunction with the main lock to provide more points of fixing the front door and improve safety. To be mounted at a distance of not less than 40 cm from the main lock.

    Additional rim locks are designed to lock the doors, windows, gates, shutters, blinds, air vents and so forth. Widely used in the emergency-exit doors of cottages, balconies, reinforced-plastic doors of shop, the closets’ and warehouses’ doors. Simple in installation, functional and reliable.

    Locks for locking the interior doors in homes, internal doors in offices, as well as sanitary facilities. Depending on the model of the deadbolt’s management, locks are divided into those that are controlled by EuroDin cylinder or a tilt-and-thumbturn button. To be applied with the corresponding interior fittings.
    Highly secrecy locks for locking the gates, grilles, storage facilities, electricity or metal cabinets, drawers, etc. High quality materials of the body and shackle guarantee protection against corrosion and makes it almost impossible to hack the lock. The highest level of security is created through the use of special protectors and loops.

    Basic requirements for door locks depend on which door they will be mounted. However, there are some general requirements that are relevant for all door locks.

    The door lock must be made at the factory conditions from high quality materials. Guaranteed reliable door lock can only be purchased from dealers - in other words, pop-up markets and unauthorized selling points it is better to avoid. Door locks should have a certificate of quality. Models from world leading manufacturers are always certified by international standards.

    The door lock is part of the interior space, so besides the basic functions - a closure, and it carries an extra one – an aesthetic. Door locks from world leading manufacturers usually have a number of colors, which allows them to seamlessly fit into any design.

    Important when choosing a door lock is its ease of use. Imagine that this is the door lock you will open and close each day.

    By purchasing a door lock, a particular attention should be focused on its installation. We recommend not to install door locks by yourself and seek for the professional help to Locksmiths. In the shops, thet work on international standards, you will become a help in the choice and in the install of the door lock.
    The best is when professionals of the same store carries as sale, do the installation of the door lock – in that way you'll always know who to turn for help.
    We offer door locks from the world's leading producers of security, from the range of which you will certainly choose the right model!


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