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    Hospitality includes a full range of products for security and access control of the object and the complex proposals for hotels.
    Product range of the world's leading brands presents an equipment for hotels - minibars, card locks for hotels, electronic locks for hotels, door closers for hotels, safes for hotels, doors of hotels, Master Key mechanical access control systems, door and window fittings, equipment for emergency exits, various locks for equipment.
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    Represented in the range, the equipment for hotels is able to meet the needs of any category hotel - from the small private hotels to the luxury ones.
    Locking equipment for hotels should invisibly complement the comfort and safety of clients and improve the convenience of the staff work. There are no trifles in the hotel industry - any technology, interior design item, service must comply with the high level. Therefore, equipment for hotels, especially related to the production of security, should be selected with the special care. Qualitative and reliable equipment for hotels and inns allows implementing a comprehensive locking solution and access control in combination with modern design, which meets the highest standards of safety and the service of any hotel.
    Respecting your customers, we offer equipment for hotels and accommodations that will help ensuring safety and comfort of guests during their stay.
    SPV Company Ltd. represents a broad line of equipment for hotels in the assortment from the world leading brands.
    Mini Bar

    Mini Bar is an element which is equipped in almost every hotel room. Mini Bar is convenient for each client – because when needed you should not call the staff or go to the bar - the most necessary products are already in the room. Among the main characteristics that should be observed when choosing a mini-bar are: volume, power consumption, quiet operation, autonomy. When choosing a mini-bar, design becomes an important element. Mini-bars should organically complement the interior space. Proposed in the section mini-bars correspond the technological requirements and have a classic design. Such mini-bars can satisfy the requirements of any level hotel.
    Card locks for hotels

    Card locks for hotels and accommodations are made to provide operation of the complex control systems, control and managing of the access. Card locks for hotels and inns are installed in the vast majority of modern hotel complexes. Card locks for hotels allow convenient access to the premises and, in addition, they have the function of the events audit. Card locks for hotels in the proper settings make possible opening not only rooms, but also parking, conference rooms, spa complex. Offered to our clients card locks for hotels meet strict safety requirements and have the technical specifications.
    Electronic card locks for hotels

    Electronic card locks for hotels are widespread in European countries. Thanks to the convenience and flexibility of work, electronic card locks for hotels and inns are becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. Electronic card locks for hotels have several advantages, among them - the ability to make quick changes in the ACS.
    Presented electronic card locks for hotels and inns are highly reliable devices, which are capable to monitor the events in the premises and to provide access rights to the authorized persons. SPV Company Ltd. has electronic card locks for hotels that meet the requirements of high security, have individual style and a low operational cost.
    Door closers for hotels

    Door closers for hotels and inns should combine both high technological and aesthetic characteristics. Control of the opening and closing of doors, door closers for hotels should be attrition-resistant and adapted for work in a high passableness conditions. Door closers for hotels and accommodation have additional functions - fireproof, indoor heat preservation, locks and door constructions protection. So now every hotel that respects themselves and their customers install the door closers on the door of the hotels and inns. Door closers for hotels are presented in the catalogues of our company with the models of Japanese and Finnish manufacturers.
    Safes for hotels

    Safes for hotels and inns - always a welcome element in any hotel room. Safes for hotels allow guests to securely store their valuables. In the safes for hotels are usually placed laptops, cash, documents, etc. Safes are usually equipped with code locks - because of their convenience, ease of use and options. Safes for hotels, presented in the product line of SPV Company Ltd., are selected for equipment the world's most famous hotels. Proposed safes for hotels and inns have electronic and electro-mechanical control systems and extensive programming and auditing options.
    Doors for hotels

    Doors for hotels and inns should combine design and safety. Doors for hotels are a kind of face of premises from which the impression and reputation of the hotel will develop. Therefore, along with the reliability, durability and functionality, the door for hotels and accommodation must have an aesthetic, in a manner of speaking -impressive, appearance. Doors for hotels are usually equipped with a door closer with the color of finishing or close to it. Doors for hotels in some premises should have fireproof characteristics. In SPV Compani Ltd., doors for hotels meet the highest standards of safety and design.
    Choosing equipment for hotels – Mini Bars, card locks for hotels, electronic locks for hotels, door closers for hotels, safes for hotels, doors for hotels or any other products, always seek for the professional help. In SPV Company Ltd. work safety experts who are always ready to offer a solution for any hotel. Among the completed projects are hotels with the world name: Bukovel ski resort, Radisson Blu Bukovel, Radisson Blu Kiev, Radisson Blu Alushta, Four Points by Sheraton Zaporozhye, Park Inn Donetsk.
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