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  • Locks for equipment and furniture
    Locks for equipment – is always an important element for doors and small doors in various fields. With their help, payment terminals, slot machines and machines with different products, furniture, cabinets in industrial and office buildings, depositories and so on are closed. 
    Locks for equipment and furniture
    Locks for closing the gaming and vending machines, payment terminals, payphones, mailboxes, chests of deposit in banks, as well as various metal cabinets and chests. 
    Замки для оборудования и мебели
    Locks for locking the metal and wood furniture as well as glass show-cases, especially in cases where enhanced security is needed. Used for closing the storage shelves, cabinets with medical equipment and medicines, boxes that are pushed forward, show-cases doors, which are pushed apart etc. 
    Locks for equipment and furniture
    Locks for bank depositories, collective closing of the furniture, storage chests and other special applications.

    Locks for equipment, as well as any other locks must ensure the safety of the protected property. Hence - the main requirement for such products – is its reliability. Locks for cabinets, locks for terminals, locks for furniture, industrial locks - any of the presented positions should become a reliable defender for the content inside the equipment. In addition, the locks for equipment should have the aesthetic appearance, so as not to disturb the view of the door or drawer in which they are installed. 
    SPV Company Ltd. offers a wide range of locks for the equipment. Among them - locks for cabinets, furniture locks, locks for locking the slot and vending machines, payment terminals locks, payphones, mailboxes, electrical cabinet, drawers and other furniture, safe deposit boxes, display cases of jewelry stores. 

    If necessary, you can choose locks for equipment with high security requirements. Such products are commonly used to protect depositories, jewelry in shops and on the exhibitions for the protection of valuable exhibits. Their reliability and efficiency is tested by dozens of Ukrainian banks with which the partners of SPV Company Ltd. collaborates. Obvious is also the convenience of the offered high security products – ABLOY locks for bank cells – with two cylinders. Finnish products have two keys - for a representative of the bank and for the customer. This ensures high security of the funds or valuable property.
    Locks for cabinets have a wide range of application fields - from traditional metal cabinets, boxes, telephones, first aid kits to the counters at car parkings, structurally complex showcases. MUL-T-LOCK and ABLOY manufacturers have locks for equipment the all-glass sliding showcases and doors that you can find in our assortment. 

    All presented to your attention locks for hardware, locks for cabinets, industrial locks and locks for terminals have in their complement 2 or 3 keys and obligatorily - the user card. Later makes the manufacturing of the unauthorized duplication impossible. To cut a copy of the key for such locks for equipment is possible only in the authorized service centers of the brand operation and only with the available code card. 
    Presented in our assortment locks for equipment must have a highly secret cylinder with the protection from bumping, manipulation and drilling. 
    Locks for equipment from the presented manufacturers have been certified by European standards. Some of the models of locks have been certified together with the product in which they are mounted. 
    Preserving its traditions, SPV Company Ltd. offers its customers and partners the best. Because of that all the locks for equipment listed in the section are of high quality, easy to operate and serve long on joy to their owners.


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