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    Gearbox + hood locks

    • Blocks simultaneously selector switch-boxes and the hood of the car.
    • Opens and closes only key.
    • Produced in the factory for a specific car model.
    • Fits in position in the back of the car on zryvne attachment.
    • Has hardened housing parts.
    • Protected from jimmy opening, and break vandalnoho Bumping - Do not depend on the state of the battery and other features of the car - no analogues in the market anti-theft vehicles.
    • Cylinder emerges in a convenient location on the console does not spoil the interior cabin.

    Your car has never been such secured! 

    Incredible innovative proposal: anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM now ensures the safety of your car! CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM lock’s construction has no analogues on the market of anti-theft locks and other means of car safety. If you want to protect your car from theft with only one turn of the key - then this anti-theft lock will suit you the best way possible. It closes both the gear box and gear and the car's hood. And if all electronic anti-theft devices are neutralized, CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM will continue to protect your car. 

    This lock was developed in the Czech company CONSTRUCT Europe s.r.o. specialized in producing mechanical anti-theft locks, founded in 1995. The company produces more than 1,000 models of locks for the different models of cars, which are exported to 25 countries. Demand for CONSTRUCT products is constantly growing. CONSTRUCT Europe s.r.o. company uses only patented design and technologies while producing car security products. CONSTRUCT production is certified according to ISO 9001. Since 1999, the exclusive distributor of CONSTRUCT in Ukraine is SPV Company Ltd.

    Let us consider the properties of CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM. This anti-theft lock opens and closes only with the key. In CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM in an open and closed position cylinder does not extend beyond the lock, while in other gear-lever locks and hood locks in the open position (during use of the car) the cylinder comes from the console up to 3-5 cm, that dramatically affects the ergonomics of the cabin. Anti-theft lock is fully under the console and under the hood space, out comes only a cylinder portion that is in harmony with the interior of your car. The place for exit of the cylinder is to be selected according to the structural features of the car, the usability and interior design. The CONSTRUCT lock is made at the factory for each specific car model.


    Let us examine the mechanism of action of the 3 CONSTRUCT SYSTEM lock. To close it is necessary to switch a Reverse gear on cars with manual or robotic transmission and Parking on cars with automatic transmission. Then it is necessary to close the anti-theft lock with the key. This blocks not only the transmission shifting, but also the hood, making it impossible to access to such important elements of the car as the engine control unit and battery.

    Opening of the anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM is also simple, with the key. All ingenious is known simply! You just need to come to a certified installation center (the showroom or installation center), wait a few hours and just become sure that your car is protected safe - protected by anti-theft CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM.

    Anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM is a double protection for your car! 



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