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    Mechanical gearbox locks

    Anti-theft without pin lock CONSTRUCT GEAR
    •   can be opened and locked only with the key
    •   being open and closed – hidden in the console
    •   manufactured in the factory for a specific car model
    •   installed on regular places
    •   protected from opening with false key, vandal break open and bumping
    •   does not depend on the state of the battery and other vehicle functions
    •   does not become brittle when cooled with liquid nitrogen
    Anti-theft without pin lock CONSTRUCT is designed for most models of cars, including SUVs. This anti-theft system, also called the gearbox lock, is completely released in Czech Republic, since 1991.
    This lock is produced at CONSTRUCT factory and meets the highest European standards for car safety. High technological level of the CONSTRUCT group products is based on long-term scientific developments and confirmed by ISO 9001, TUV.
    The principle of operation of the anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT is blocking mobile junctions in the gear shift mechanism. 
    Mechanical and robotic gearboxes are locked in Reverse position and automatic gearboxes - in Parking position. Anti-theft without pin lock CONSTRUCT is easy to use. To close it you should only get into a Reverse gear, insert the key into the keyhole and turn it. Opening is as way easy.
    Without pin lock CONSTRUCT resists drilling, breaking and opening with false locks. High-quality materials used for its production do not become brittle in the case of attempts to liquid nitrogen cooling.
    Mechanical anti-theft locking CONSTRUCT is resistant to thermal and chemical stress; its work does not depend on battery or power supplying system of the car. The system design eliminates inadvertent closure of device. After installing it on the car, device cannot be removed.
    The gear-lever lock CONSTRUCT has an advantage – the absence of the pin, and therefore - in its high convenience. Without pin gearbox lock CONSTRUCT combines ease of use, ergonomic placement in the car, and at the same time a hidden block. All this is achieved by a fundamentally new approach to the construction of the lock CONSTRUCT. Communication between The cylinder of the anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT and closing element are linked by means of a flexible bowden cable.
    This allows you to place anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT in the most optimal location in the cabin, and mechanical blocking is put where it is mostly effective. The CONSTRUCT lock complements the interior of any car.


    The gear-lever lock CONSTRUCT has a unique design for a particular car model. The manufacturer offers CONSTRUCT locks with tubular and testaceous construction. Testaceous CONSTRUCT lock’s peculiarity is that the rigid structure and its body additionally protect the transmission. Tubular anti-theft CONSTRUCT lock fits the hard-to-reach elements of the gearbox thanks to a special design of the tube.
    Operation of the gear-lever lock CONSTRUCT requires no lubrication. The kit includes a CONSTRUCT lock card that contains the code, without which it is impossible to make a duplicate key.
    The warranty period for the anti-theft locks CONSTRUCT is 1 year. To continue the warranty up to 2 years, it is necessary to pass technical inspection of the lock in the station where it was installed before the warranty period is over. After checking the lock it is necessary to stamp the warranty card with the date of inspection.
    The insurance agencies and leasing companies often demand equipping the vehicles with mechanical anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT as a condition of signing the contract.
    The CONSTRUCT lock is a time-tested and proven by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide reliable mechanical anti-theft system. Install and make sure! 


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