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    Electronic anti-theft systems

    You know, of course, that the more anti-theft systems are in the car, the less likely that it will be stolen. Convenient and effective element of the car protecting system is anti-theft immobilizer.
    The word «immobilizer» is the English for "something that denies motion". This explains the principle of the system operation - immobilizer in the protection state prevents starting the car or blocks the main chains and the vehicle system in order to prevent its normal operation.


    Car immobilizers installed directly by manufacturers on the factory, are called regular. Such anti-theft immobilizers do not provide a high level of car protection. Car immobilizer installed at the factory, has a major drawback - its electronic label is almost always integrated into the body of the ignition key, and the reader is in the ignition. To neutralize the regular immobilizer experienced thief will take a few minutes. Immobilizers installed additionally, are freelance and provide a much higher level of protection against theft. Location of the supernumerary immobilizer is difficult to detect and it is not simply and quickly to disconnect it.

    Anti-theft immobilizer is invisible inside the car - so even if the thief gets inside, he will meet a surprise. Thus, the immobilizer can change thief’s plans: fast theft will not work, and usually the criminal will leave the car failed to hijack during 5-7 minutes.

    The most popular today are the push-button immobilizers and card immobilizers.

    The push-button immobilizer belongs to the contact type, i.e. to turn it off the protection you need to enter the correct code on the panel inside the car. The card immobilizer is a proximity card.

    The locking system sets the security mode to the car when there is no card within the read range. Card immobilizer does not require any actions from the car owners nothing except possession of a card.

    Another plus in favor of the car immobilizer is no need for arming. Both the card immobilizer and the push-button immobilizer are automatically activated.
    Among the advantages of the anti-theft immobilizer is that it is uneasy to identify the system in the cabin. With relative ease of installation, dismantling of the anti-theft immobilizer is extremely difficult.

    No key, simple operation and high reliability make the anti-theft immobilizer an indispensable device, whether it is of card or push-button type.

    To install the car immobilizer, please contact the certified installation centers.

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