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    Mechanical anti-theft locks First solution

    Mechanical anti-theft locks

    Among the means to protect the vehicle from theft a special place is occupied by the mechanical anti-theft locks. The advantage of mechanical anti-theft means is that they can only be opened using the contact method – that is, by turning the key and just being inside the car. Unlike electronic anti-theft equipment, mechanical locks can not be disabled distantly. Thieves may try to dismantle the device, but all manufacturers complete the mechanical anti-theft locks with so-called breaking down screws, which cap is broken down during installation. That is why these screws can not be unscrewed.

    CONSTRUCT without pin
    Mechanical gearbox locks

    Anti-theft lock without pin CONSTRUCT blocks the gear box, opens and closes with the key. Anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT is designed for most models of cars, including SUVs. Proposed mechanical anti-theft lock without pin is made in Czech factory CONSTRUCT. The lock is created on the basis of high quality cylinder that makes it impossible to unauthorized opening. Once installed on the car, the anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT is impossible to remove. Without pin lock CONSTRUCT is highly resistant to thermal and chemical stress, its work does not depend on battery or the electric power system of the car. Reliability of this anti-theft lock is only one of several compelling arguments in favor of its installation. Convenience is the most important thing for every motorist: for the car itself and for its optional components. Opening and closing of the CONSTRUCT lock is provided by the key - it's easy and simple. CONSTRUCT always fits harmoniously the car interior. This anti-theft lock has no protruding parts and is located in a convenient place for the car owner. Convenience, comfort and reliability of mechanical anti-theft without pin locks CONSTRUCT have been appreciated by millions of car owners around the world. Appreciate it yourself!

    Gearbox + hood locks
    Gearbox + hood locks

    Mechanical anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM blocks gearbox and the car's hood with one turn of the key. Anti-theft lock CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM is a unique tool designed to comprehensively protect your car from theft. Thanks to the latest developments of the leading Czech producer of mechanical anti-theft locks, CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM to date has no analogues in the cars security market. Uniqueness of the CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM is that having installed this wonderful lock the car owner closes the hood and gear box by castle with just one turn of the key. With this combination CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM being closed completely prevents unauthorized access to the elements of block car. Anti-theft lock is fully located in the under console and under hood space, out comes only a cylinder part which harmoniously fits the car interior and does not look like an alien item. The exit of the cylinder is selected due to the design features of the car and convenience of device usage for the car owner in. The lock opens and closes with the key. Unauthorized closing of CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM lock is excluded. An innovative combination of hood and gearbox blocking, reliability, proven over the years by the consumers, the quality guaranteed by the leading Czech producer of security devices – make CONSTRUCT 3 SYSTEM invincible enemy for the criminal and best friend for you!

    Hood locks
    Hood locks

    CONSTRUCT HOOD-LOCK is an anti-theft system that blocks access to the engine compartment of the vehicle. CONSTRUCT HOOD-LOCK is produced in the Czech factory CONSTRUCT that is by rights considered a leader in the development of solutions to protect the vehicle from theft. In the European market this anti-theft system has gained popularity due to the convenience of operation, resistance to unauthorized dismantling and ergonomics. CONSTRUCT HOOD-LOCK is equipped with highly secret lock cylinder, protected from bumping. CONSTRUCT HOOD-LOCK system is often installed in the cars where it is impossible to block the gear-lever box. To achieve the highest possible level of protection CONSTRUCT HOOD-LOCK would be appropriate to supplement with the immobilizer. Such a complex protection can prevent any car thief.



    Among the mechanical anti-theft equipment (hood locks, steering wheel locks) the gear-lever lock is the most common type. Anti-theft lock blocks the gearshift in Park or Reverse position. In case the vehicle has a manual gear box, the car can only go back (so it is advisable to park in the place where it is impossible to go back) if the transmission is automatic or robotic, than the car will be stationary.

    Mechanical anti-theft locks are produced individually for each make and model of the vehicle based on the year of manufacture, type of transmission and other features. Most modern cars have a staffing model mount on which the gear-lever lock is installed. With this setting the mechanical anti-theft locks does not require drilling or other works that may affect the integrity of the body surface, so the lock is produced as a detail of the car. The advantage of individual gear-lever lock design lies in the fact that it ensures a trim and aesthetic appearance of the lock in the car interior. Typically it means one or two holes with decorative rings (for the key and pin), or a small lock insert.

    With the unique complexity of dismantling this anti-theft equipment, mechanics of the gear-lever lock is so simple that you can be absolutely sure it will never break. Operation of mechanical anti-theft locks does not require special instructions.

    All significant details of the proposed mechanical anti-theft locks are manufactured in world-known factories from high quality materials, have high strength and are corrosion and heat-resistant.

    Among the mechanical anti-theft means the gearbox locks are the most popular and effective. Given that about eight thousand cars are annually stolen in Ukraine, we strongly recommend install one of the following mechanical anti-theft locks.

    Anti-theft locks
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