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  • Lock cylinders ABLOY®
    ABLOY® cylinders are intended to ensure a high level of security in any premise.
    The exclusivity of ABLOY® locking cylinders is achieved thanks to high technologies of world leader in the development of electromechanical locks for the Finnish company ASSA ABLOY. This company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems and hardware and exports its products to more than 60 countries around the world.
    The new patented system of locking cylinders and other products of broad line of Extra Security class. It has about two billion combinations and high security of ABLOY® Protec2 key thanks to the built-in interactive element. Extensive master keying possibilities. The use of AWS system in ABLOY® Protec2 cylinders minimizes the effects of wearout in the cylinder’s work.
    Locking cylinders of High Security class due to the system of AWS, resistant to wearout and abrasion. ABLOY® Novel has unique technical characteristics on a level with other locking cylinders of the manufacturer and has a suitable for a wide range of consumers price.
    Double cylinders
                  Cylinder with thumbturn                         Cylinder with gear

    Treatments of thumbturn:

    chrome matt chrome chrome black
    brass matt brass matt nickel antique bronze

    Single cylinders


    Leading manufacturer of security products ABLOY® manufactures cylinders with many options - different lengths and symmetries, different color finishings, double cylinders, with a thumbturn, single cylinders. To maintain a full range on the stock of Locksmith-center is quite difficult and unprofitable. But an important parameter in work of Locksmith-center is the speed in responding to customers’ inquiries.
    That is why the ABLOY® manufacturer supports the production of Modular cylinders. Modular cylinder allows you to quickly and easily assemble the cylinder of the required length and symmetry on the individual needs of the client on the site. It simplifies the logistics of the content and at the same time increases the chances to meet the unique customer needs. To perform these operations, you must have a Modular Set.
    ABLOY® Modular
    ABLOY® Modular cylinders consists of base bodies of the size 31/33/35 mm and the corresponding extensions, which are connected with the protective XP plate.
    A possibility to make double cylinders ranging in size from 62 (31x31) mm to 160 (80x80) mm and single cylinders from 40.5 to 87.5 mm at a pitch of 1 or 3 mm

    The principles set out in the production by ASSA ABLOY company are simple and effective: security, privacy and ease of use. So, absolutely all ABLOY® cylinders are aesthetic and comfortable, they meet the needs of consumers with different requirements to safety products in different parts of the world. Production of ABLOY® locking cylinders started over a century ago in 1907. Ever since the invention of Emile Henrikson is used in all existing models of the ABLOY® cylinders that says about its unsurpassed and high-efficiency.
    Thanks to its unique construction and the type of mechanism, ABLOY® locking cylinders are not afraid of dust, dirt, corrosion, heat or cold. ABLOY® cylinders suit perfectly to the Master Key system.
    The locks of several national institutions (including government, judicial), hospitals, universities, museums and other strategically important objects are equipped with ABLOY® cylinders in different countries.
    The combination of more than a century of experience and the latest technologies that are constantly introduced by the company allows the locking cylinders ABLOY® to hold the leading position in the global security market.
    About the manufacturer:
    ABLOY Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of locking cylinders and systems of closure, also is the developer of products in the field of electromechanical locking technologies. For many years ASSA ABLOY Group holds a leading position in manufacturing and supplying of the locking products, designed to meet the needs of end-users in order to ensure safety, comfort and convenience.


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