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  • Decorative PVC films

    Films from polyvinyl chloride are made for lamination of window profiles and window sills, doors and also door and furniture facades from MDF (plate from pressed wood fibers).
    Decorative PVC coatings
    Flexible covering for doors and furniture MDF facades. Decorates and protects doors and furniture from temperature fluctuations, UV exposure, from mechanical damage. Color and texture mimic valuable species of wood. Production of Israel.
    Decorative PVC coatings
    PVC film (polyvinyl chloride) / PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) for laminating window and door profiles, sandwich panels. Withstand aggressive environmental influences. Production of Israel.
    Decorative PVC coatings
    Rigid white color PVC film with lettering (or without) for laminating window sills. Particularly resistant to scratches and explosion. Production of Israel.
    PVC films VINORIT®, WINSHIELD and WINGARD, which is imported into Ukraine by SPV Company Ltd., are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This heat-resistant polymer was first synthesized in 1878, but mass production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as building, protective and finishing material only began in the thirties of last century.
    Decorative PVC coatings
    Company that produces modern PVC films Kibbutz Haogen won a world authority thanks to the latest scientific and technical developments, professional staff, as well as due to dynamic policy of company management, for which the main goal is to meet the demands of each customer. In the technical processes a lot of attention is paid to environmental protection.


    All types of PVC films from Kibbutz Haogen are designed for both outdoor as well as for internal use. Proposed PVC films are manufactured using a unique technology, durable, reliable, and flexible in operation.

    Decorative PVC coatings
    Diverse wood grain and trendy colors combined with high quality PVC films make products from the Israeli factory non-competitive. All PVC products from the Israeli manufacturer are resistant to the UV radiation, temperature changes, moisture and mechanical damage, simple in care. PVC films from Kibbutz Haogen are environmentally safe. Main fields of application of PVC films are laminating of window and door profiles, window sills, door covers and furniture facades from MDF, metal doors.
    Kibbutz Haogen has developed certain types of PVC films with different purposes. VINORIT® is a resistant PVC film, which is produced for the finishing of doors and furniture MDF facades, as it combines high practicality, sustainability and aesthetics. This PVC film is quite suitable for outdoor use, it does not fade, does not melt in the heat and will not crack in the cold, it is not easy to scratch it - and all these qualities are preserved for decades. VINORIT® films have matte volume texture, more than 30 shades of colors, imitating precious species of wood. There are also monochromatic (white and gray) color offers of PVC film VINORIT®.

    WINSHIELD UVXtm is a specially developed film in PVC (polyvinyl chloride) / PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) for window and door profiles, sandwich panels laminating, for both external and for internal use. These PVC films have become popular due to its unique design, strength, flexibility, reliability and ease of use. A feature of a WINSHIELD coverage is in the top acrylic layer, thanks to which this PVC film can withstand aggressive environmental influences. Windows and doors, laminated with PVC film, emphasize the architectural style and fit harmoniously into the interior and exterior premises – that’s why more and more designers choose WINSHIELD. Work with PVC film is easy and simple. Thanks to WINSHIELD PVC film, days when a harmonious interior design, where every detail is verified, has contrasted with the window frame or door are already in the past.

    Rigid white PVC film from Kibbutz Haogen with or without embossing – it is WINGUARD for window sills. Due to the solid structure, this PVC film is particularly resistant to scratches and tears. At the same time, the raw material from which PVC film WINGUARD is produced does not contain formaldehyde and heavy metals. Thus, treated with this PVC film sills can be safely used in children's rooms, in schools and kindergartens.

    SPV Company Ltd. offers WINGUARD with a protective transparent film, which has no analogues (patented technology by Kibbutz Naogen). The point is: the protective transparent film is applied without glue line; glue is located in the capillaries of polyethylene. It is withdrawing, leaving no trace. This technology greatly simplifies the logistics: there is no need to book a separate protective film, deliver, store and laminate separately. IMPORTANT! You can order WINGUARD with a protective film and with your logo.

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