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    SPV Company Ltd. imports RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) doors, production of Israeli Rav-Bariach factory. The factory is one of three world leaders - doors from the manufacturer meet the highest security requirements. 
    Security entrance doors
    rb doors
    Decor is an important and often a decisive issue when choosing a door. For RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) doors we offer four types of decoration, as well as exclusive NATURE and GEOMETRY series of designs for decorating with MDF covers with PVC finishing - VINORIT® coating.
    Security entrance doors
    rb doors
    RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) entrance highly safe steel doors of ART and STANDARD series for residential, office and industrial premises of Israeli production.
    Security entrance doors
    rb doors
    RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) entrance steel doors of FORCED ENTRY RESISTANT (FE) series of varying protection degrees of premises with particularly high demands on security and access control - embassies, banks, facilities, requiring preservation of state or commercial secrets, etc.. Manufacture in Israel.
    Security entrance doors
    rb doors
    Steel fireproof doors with a normalized limit of fire resistance of 30 and 60 minutes for objects with fire safety requirements. Installation with license. 
    Security entrance doors
    rb doors
    Optimal and popular solutions of RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) doors complement for different security and design requirements.
    At the factory the doors are produced since 1976. Long traditions and experience, an accordance with high standards and usage of the latest technologies in the production of RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) embodied in the products, allowed the company to reach leading positions in the global market. Entrance doors of RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) production are delivered on all five continents. 
    Production facilities of the factory are located in the city of Ashkelon. The entrance doors are created by more than 250 highly qualified specialists. Experienced constructors and engineers from around the world for over thirty years work on the development and implementation of technological and design solutions on the RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) front doors. 
    Four production lines of Rav-Bariach generate up to 1,000 RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) doors per day in hundreds of different designs and sizes. Automation of production lines allows making doors in large batches and in the same quality and geometric characteristics. Cutting, bending and other enterprise processes are automated, while the majority of domestic manufacturers of doors apply manual welding technology. Production processes in Rav-Bariach allow making RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) doors with well-defined parameters. 
    These characteristics are very important for securing the corporate facilities with the production - as the ability to supply large batches, and also the excellent geometric characteristics make products the ideal solution for areas where there is a need to immediately install a large number of doors. 
    RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) entrance doors have ample opportunities for decorating. 
    The Rav-Bariach company policy aims to ensure quality, comfort, durability, ecological and ergonomicfeatures to the products. Production processes of Rav-Bariach company comply with international standards SI ISO 9001:2000, S. I. ISO 14001, S. I. OHSAS 18001. RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) entrance doors are supplied with the locking system, which also meets international standards. 
    Israel country from almost the first days of its establishment became the scene of armed conflict. Therefore, the Israeli security product manufacturers know firsthand how should a strong product look like. RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) entrance doors – are the proof to that. The latest innovation of the factory are the doors that provide hardiness not only to the firing of weapons, but also the bombings. 
    SPV Company Ltd. cooperates with this manufacturer since 1996. Before rebranding, RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) doors were sold under the MUL-T-LOCK brand. 
    SPV Company Ltd is the exclusive importer on the Ukrainian market, which delivers highly secure doors and offers a full range of service, which includes services ranging from installation and finishing with the warranty support. 
    Warranty on the RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) doors is 5 years - because both the manufacturer and the importer are convinced in the exceptional quality of the offered products. And usually the guarantee on the entrance door is a year. 
    RB-DOORS (MUL-T-LOCK*) entrance doors meet high international standards for security products for both private and corporate facilities.
    Входные двери безопасности 
    * Prior to 2011 doors RB-DOORS were known under the brand of MUL-T-LOCK. After a series of changes, conducted by the manufacturer, the production has received a name of RB-DOORS. Nonetheless the corporate brand logo - Muscleman - remained unchanged. Along with the new name, the manufacturer introduced a number of innovations in the production process - the company purchased and put into operation a new Salvagnini production lines and expanded the product line with new models.


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