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    Vinorit films

    Stone veneer

    Winshield films
    Фурнітура захисна


    Winguard films
    Фурнітура для металопластикових і алюмінієвих дверей

    Fittings for
    plastic and
    aluminum doors

    Design of the
    key head's form
    Фурнітура інтер'єрна



    Decor and design: attention to details creates perfection

    Dreaming of a perfect design solution? With us it's easy! We offer complete solutions for interior and exterior decoration of public and residential buildings: offices, hotels, apartments, houses, etc. We offer impeccable quality production, which is used in Ukraine for more than 15 years and provide a guarantee on it. We always follow the latest tendencies, try to be in trend, that’s why our range keeps up-to-date.


    PVC films from the leading Israeli manufacturer emphasize an exceptional style

    Entrance and interior doors, furniture facades, kitchen facades and window sills decorated with VINORIT® PVC films from the Israeli manufacturer Kibbutz Haogen, will say about the practicality and artistic taste, and with the exclusive designs of door covers, laminated with VINORIT® PVC film, a house, a  hotel, office or studio will have a perfect and unique style.

    Plastic steel windows and sandwich panels, decorated with WINSHIELD® PVC film, will be safely protected from the heat (infrared radiation), which causes the deformation of the constructions, and due to the high heat resistance and weather resistance, WINSHIELD® PVC film is ideal for use in harsh climatic conditions.

    It is worth noting that among the colors of VINORIT® and WINSHIELD® PVC films we offer not only traditional wood designs, but also stylish trend solid colors.

    An impeccable design and protection of sills will provide WINGUARD® PVC film, which is particularly resistant to scratches and tears due to the unique tough structure. At the same time, a raw material from which it is produced does not contain formaldehydes and heavy metals. Thus, treated with WINGUARD® PVC film sill, can be safely used in children's rooms, schools and kindergartens.

    Because the collection of PVC films for windows, doors and window sills are made by the same manufacturer, you can easily create the perfect interior design in one color scheme!

    Protective and interior fittings – a highlight of your unique design

    Door fittings are an integral part of the interior of any room, and to open a door to a world of functionality and comfort is much easier with high-quality production. Currently, the leading manufacturers of protective and interior fittings that stand out among other with their high-performance and modern styling designs,  are the leading brands ABLOY® Finland, ROSTEX® Czech Republic and Mul-T-Lock® Israel.

    In the line of these brands production you can choose a set of fittings in a single stylistic and color scheme with the PVC films coverings. You can choose exactly what fits your taste. Fittings demonstrates the full range of designs from classic laconic forms to continent and severe, unusual contemporary styles.

    Door fittings play an important role in the interior, because it can become the chief ornament, the semantic center of the room.

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