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    High-quality, prompt and safe key duplication (cutting) is performed with special equipment in the authorized service centers. The experts of the locksmith centers duplicate keys of different types and degrees of difficulty from simple English type keys to the electronic cards, contactless transmitters and car keys with transponder (electronic chip). A key can be duplicated with the use of a lock, an original key or a service card.
    Key service also provides the creation, programming and maintenance (giving authorization to the keys, recoding cylinders with further manufacturing new keys for them) of the serial system "Master Key" (access differentiation to the premises) and "One for All" (one key unlocks different doors).
    Ключи и сервис
    Making a duplicate key
    Ключи и сервис Serial Systems "Master Key" and "One for All"
    Ключи и сервис Reencoding system MUL-T-LOCK "VIP"
    Ключи и сервис
    Reencoding system MUL-T-LOCK 3in1 "Traffic light"
    Now online space abounds with instructions on how to make key duplicate at home from drink cans and other scrap materials. However, these tips are suitable only for locks and keys that provide protection at the level of the same tin. If you can duplicate a key to your door in a few minutes, then anybody else can. Thus, a lock, a key and a duplicate key are rather accessories than safety features.
    Modern high-quality lock cylinders and keys (mechanical, electronic or combined) have a high degree of secrecy, which actually resist break-in, unauthorized key cutting and selection of duplicate keys. The highest degrees of protection have the keys, duplicates of which can be made only with the user card with a unique encrypted code. To copy good keys only high quality key blanks from world best manufacturers are used. These are KEYLINE®, SILCA® and JMA. Patented keys are made solely on the original key blanks: MUL-T-LOCK Interactive and MUL-T-LOCK Interactive +, MUL-T-LOCK® MT5®, MUL-T-LOCK Esety, ABLOY Protec, ABLOY® Protec2 and ABLOY Novel. Professional locksmiths produce key duplicates on the precision equipment from the first attempt, mostly in the customer’s presence. Such duplicate keys do not need manual rubbing down several times or returning to the service center to adjust the key, as so often happens in unauthorized workshops.
    What to do when a key is lost? High-quality locks from leading manufacturers in this case are not necessary to change. Just use a locksmith service of recoding (reprogramming) of the lock. During the recoding some elements in the lock cylinder are changed, thus, the old keys no longer can open this lock. After recoding a new set of keys is produced.
    Locks and keys from leading manufacturers, such as MUL-T-LOCK®, ABLOY® and VACHETTE allow easily and conveniently arrange access to many facilities. Master System is a way of giving permission to keys. Thus, the key will open only the locks allowed to it. The configuration of the Master System can be changed via recoding that means giving or cancelling access to a key. Master System can be widened.
    "One for All" is a Master System that allows you to unlock different doors with one key. If the key type is similar, then in series system "One for All" it can open the gate and house, garage, and even the office.
    When you need to not only protect the room from outliers and simplify access to the "natives", but also to differentiate access for users (employees, family members, staff, temporary residents) - use a locksmith service on construction of the Master Key system. Master Key can include various types of mechanical locks: mortise, padlocks, deadbolts, furniture locks, equipment locks as well as electromechanical locks. The main condition is matching the key type. Master Key system can be combined for entrance and interior doors, lockers, safes, shelves, cabinets, drawers and other locking mechanisms. Thus, the Master Key can be set for both private mansion, and for office centers, hotels, institutions or manufacturing enterprises, schools, hospitals and so on. Mechanical master system does not require electrical power cards, transmitters and controllers to identify them, and therefore large investments. In the master system each user has a key and it unlocks only the allowed doors. Unauthorized duplication is excluded since it is not possible without a holder’s code card.
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