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    WINSHIELD® PVC film – is a specially developed PVC (polyvinyl chloride) / PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) film for laminating the windows, doors, panels and other products, both for external and internal use.


    Products of WINSHIELD® brand has become popular because of its unique design capabilities, strength, flexibility, reliability and ease of use. 
    A wide range of contemporary colors of wood texture makes the coating an indispensable finishing material. Working with WINSHIELD® PVC film is quick and easy.
    Over the years, it does not require any additional care, while maintaining the excellent appearance. 
    WINSHIELD® PVC film offers new opportunities for decorating the profiles and panels: 
    - colors, design and textures become a decoration for any construction elements and give them an elegant and unique look; 
    - laminated with the film windows and doors emphasize the architectural style; 
    - a wide range of design solutions provides space for creativity and individual search; 
    - window and door constructions, decorated with WINSHIELD® PVC film, blend more harmoniously and aesthetically with the interior and exterior spaces, creating an original design.
    Structure of WINSHIELD UVX®
    Technical specifications
    WINSHIELD. Decorativne pokrittya» booklet
    «WINSHIELD. Decorativne pokrittya» («WINSHIELD. Decorative cover») booklet can be downloaded in pdf, clicking on the picture below (file size 390KB). Or a copy of the booklet can be ordered by phone: +38 (044) 456 9444
    Decorative features of WINSHIELD® PVC film delight the eyes of the owners over years, thanks to the Color Shield technology. It is known that a PVC profile, laminated with PVC films of dark colors becomes more heated, in contrast to white color, which reflects the heat. However, the temperature inside the window profile remains low. To prevent the deformation caused by an imbalance of temperatures, all WINSHIELD® PVC films are produced using the latest technology of Color Shield. The essence of the technology is in the use of special pigments that reflect the infrared radiation from WINSHIELD® PVC film. Thus, through the use of WINSHIELD® PVC foil, the temperature of the window profile surface is reduced by 20% or more.
    WINSHIELD® PVC film is also resistant to the chemical effect. WINSHIELD® PVC film does not change its properties when it is in contact with household cleaners and detergents. WINSHIELD® PVC foil is not afraid of fats, oils, foodstuffs, water-based fluids and materials, such as plaster, cement, aliphatic gasoline. However, it should be noted that the WINSHIELD® PVC film is not resistant to organic solvents and substances that contain them.
    Assortment of colors of WINSHIELD® PVC film is constantly expanding. Strength, durability and ease of operation of WINSHIELD® PVC foil has been appreciated by hundreds of manufacturers of window profiles. With all the advantages of WINSHIELD® PVC films they acquaint themselves at specialized exhibitions in Europe, particularly in Ukraine.
    WINSHIELD® PVC film decorates safely.




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