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  • Protective escutcheons 

    A protective escutcheon is designed to protect the cylinder from breaking. Such protection of the lock and its secret part is a necessary security measure - because in most cases exactly these mechanisms are cracked in the entrance doors. 
    Protective escutcheons
    Protective escutcheons
    Protective escutcheons
    Protective escutcheons

    Protective escutcheons are mounted on the entrance wooden and metal doors. 
    Such protection of the lock is needed for cylinders of additional and main locks (if the latest are installed with the separate door handles). 
    These must be hardened protective escutcheons of the cylinder, which will protect the lock from the external attacks. Protective escutcheons must be mounted so, that from the exterior of the door it can be not removed. The protective escutcheons (protectors) should be manufactured from high-alloyed steel. Desirably, the protective escutcheon of the cylinder has to have a strengthen plate in the construction. 
    And, of course, a protective escutcheons is the protection of the lock, which is in the public eye. And every owner wants to make it not only safe, but also look beautiful. Therefore, cylinder protective escutcheons should have diverse designs, where the products from the line can meet the consumer needs with any stylistic preferences.

    The range of SPV Company Ltd. presents protective escutcheons (protectors) from the world renowned manufacturers. Technological solutions, embodied in their designs, are a reliable protection of the lock and cylinder on the front doors. Diverse designs and a wide palette of colors of protective escutcheons and fittings allow complementing the design of the entrance door. Besides, choosing the protective escutcheon with other fittings on the front door from the same manufacturer, all the elements on the entrance door and in the room can be easily and quickly integrated into a single design solution.
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