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  • 21.05.2019

    TESA antipanic systems are on the guard of lives of River Mall visitors

    TESA antipanic systems are on the guard of lives of River Mall visitors

    Over 100 doors in the new River Mall Shopping Center in Kyiv are now equipped with anti-panic systems from TESA. Tested by thousands of objects around the world, such anti-panic systems ensure the convenience of using spare exits and their readiness for emergencies.

    TESA antipanic systems are on the guard of lives of River Mall visitors

    TRK River Mall

    The large shopping and entertainment complex is planned to be opened in Kyiv in May 2019. It will be the largest on the left shore of Dnipro river and will have a multiplex cinema, dozens of different shops, restaurants and other places to go and have a rest that will visit hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time. Therefore, such a project must meet the most stringent requirements for the safety of visitors. One of the requirements is the presence of a large number of specially equipped exits on evacuation routes.

    In order to ensure the reliable operation of emergency exits, our partner - manufacturer of fire doors LLC "VEDIGROP" on the site installed more than 300 fire doors, a large part of which is equipped with anti-panic devices. The importer of anti-panic systems is SPV Company Ltd. For this purpose, anti-panic devices were selected from the leading manufacturer from Spain - TESA, namely the TESA Universal type mold type 1970 series. High-quality materials and thought-out design make TESA anti-panic systems one of the best in the world, and the TESA Universal series allows you to equip almost any door for evacuation exits - both single and double doors. This choice guarantees the reliability and long years of service for anti-panic systems.

    Visitor safety

    Panic Exit Devices TESA Universal

    Anti-panic systems, such as special handles of evacuation exits, allow a person to quickly open the door. It is much easier to find a large bar, and it's enough to just push it from you to open the door. It's a lot easier for a person in a stressful state than using a regular door handle. Such systems are widely used throughout the world and proved their need. They are also a standard of safety for modern public institutions.

    The use of high-quality fire doors in combination with modern anti-panic systems guarantees that the shopping and entertainment center creates safe conditions for visitors.

    Quality anti-panic systems

    The range of SPV Company Ltd has a wide range of pens and locks for evacuation and spare exits, external door handles and their accessories. Only the use of high-quality anti-panic systems makes it possible to be sure of their proper operation in the event of an emergency. Also, the correct installation is very important, because it provides reliable operation of such systems.

    River Mall shopping center River Mall: www.rivermall.ua

    lock.uaCataog of anti-panic systems - lock.ua!

    Panic Exit Devices TESA Spain

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