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  • 28.07.2016

    Replenishment of CONSTRUCT mechanical anti-theft systems lineup in July

    Replenishment of CONSTRUCT mechanical anti-theft systems lineup in July

    With the emergence of new models of cars, the range of CONSTRUCT model anti-theft systems also increases, being rapidly developed on all new cars for their protection against attacks by unauthorized persons.

    In July, a list of CONSTRUCT® mechanical anti-theft locks has been replenished with the following models:

    Dramatically changed Hyundai Sonata of the seventh generation has already appeared in the Hyundai dealer network. So that the owner of the new Sonata can reliably protect his or her purchase from theft, a new model of the gearbox lock has been developed for this car. For Sonata with automatic transmission, a Construct gearbox lock got the number CF1861.

    A new generation of Toyota Hilux pickup began to be completed with a six-stage automatic transmission (the previous generation had have a five-stage one), so technical specialists of the importer, SPV Company Ltd., had to develop an entirely new model of an anti-theft gearbox lock with a number CF1862.

    Construct CF1611 lock was originally designed for the Peugeot 3008 car. But given the fact that the models 3008 and 5008 have much in common, it was decided to test the interchangeability of the lock installation in the Peugeot 5008 model. Automobiles differ with the appearance of the console, but the selector switch itself is identical and the lock can be installed on the 5008 model without any remarks.

    In Czech Republic, experts of the development center CONSTRUCT A&D have carried out development of a Construct mechanical gearshift lock on the new Renault Megane hatchback with a manual transmission. New Construct lock Gear_G2 received the number CF1843.

    A development of Construct mechanical model anti-theft blockers of the gearbox have been carried out for the new sixth generation of the popular in our country Hyundai Elantra sedan. Construct lock for the automatic transmission has received the number CF1856, and for the mechanical transmission - CF1860.

    Automotive safety specialists, for greater efficiency and reliability, advise to install a set of car anti-theft systems, mechanical anti-theft system (blockers) are advised to complement with the electronic protection systems - additional immobilizers or satellite anti-theft systems.

    Anti-theft system CONSTRUCT for Toyota Hilux  Anti-theft system CONSTRUCT for Renault Megane  Anti-theft system CONSTRUCT for Peugeot 5008  Anti-theft system CONSTRUCT for Hyundai Sonata  Anti-theft system CONSTRUCT for Hyundai Elantra

    Read more about CONSTRUCT® anti-theft systems on the website of a general importer SPV Company Ltd., in the "Locks and Keys" magazine and on the blog, which is kept by the best industry experts. 

    Learn more about the mechanical gearshift lock (First solution on the anti-theft protection) from CONSTRUCT® , the Czech manufacturer of anti-theft locks, HERE.

    For the principle of work of the mechanical gearbox lock, see the video.
    If you have additional questions, please contact or call +38 (044) 4000148, +38 (096, 095, 093) 0000148. Address of the nearest official centers of CONSTRUCT® anti-theft locks installation see FIND DEALER.
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