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  • 21.07.2016

    WINGUARD films - resistance, confirmed by research

    WINGUARD films - resistance, confirmed by research

    We introduce you a sensational study on the quality of PVC films for window sills, offered by global manufacturers. The studies were conducted in Israel, by the experts of Haogenplast laboratory: films from different manufacturers were exposed with UVA 340 nm for 1500 hours, which equates to a year of operation under natural conditions, thus checking their resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

    Results of the research have surprised the specialists themselves: Israeli film (WINGUARD) was the only one between the samples, which has not lost its appearance (see photo).


    Manufacturer of WINGUARD films, Haogenplast company (Israel), is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films. Products are certified by the numerous quality standards, including ISO 9001 (2000), Din, SKZ and others. Raw materials, from which the Israeli film is produced, does not contain formaldehyde or heavy metals. Thus, , it is safe to decorate window sills with WINGUARD PVC films in children's rooms, schools and kindergartens.



    The general importer of WINGUARD PVC films in Ukraine SPV Company Ltd. offers this high-quality coating in matt and glossy white, embossed or not, as well as with the applied protective film. The technology of applying a protective film without an adhesive layer is unique and is patented by Haogenplast.

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