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  • 15.07.2016

    New push-button immobilizer SPETROTEC SA11

    New push-button immobilizer SPETROTEC SA11

    SPV Company Ltd. company expands the range of Spetrotec manufacturer’s products with a new push-button immobilizer SA11. The electronic immobilizer with standard component parts consists of a wireless relay lock, which is controlled by a typesetting code panel inside the car.

    For greater protection, the standard set with one wireless safety relay can be additionally completed with up to 3 blocking relays. To the wireless relay you can add an additional leading relay and two more wireless ones. Each relay has its own code identifier when the owner enters a code on the keypad, and each relay has its own code for identifying and blocking.

    The blocking relay is filled in with plastic resin, which prevents from moisture entering in it. Thanks to this, the relay can be discreetly placed under the hood of a car, directly where there is a break of chains.

    Engine blocking relay is an electronic unit which is mounted on the car so, that it looks like the original part of the car. Its main purpose is to prevent starting the engine or its operation in case when an unauthorized driver has not entered a code or an incorrect code is entered.

    SA11 electronic system provides protection from attempts of illegal use of a car and prevents it from theft.

    To disarm the system, enter the code in the code pane typesetting. The system becomes protected automatically 30 seconds after the ignition is switched off. Or it is also possible to arm manually.

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